Cutting and Binding


The ETH Store Polyterrasse, ETH Store Hönggerberg and the Shop ITZ offer binding machines to finalize drafts, theses, portfolios etc. Formats: A5 portrait and landscape, A4 portrait and landscape, A3 landscape. A cutting machine is also available at these locations to suit other formats. Cardboard and foils are in the formats: A4 and A3.

A4 binding costs CHF 4.- including foil and cardboard. Binding without cover sheets costs CHF 2.20.

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Plastic binding: black plastic spirals, 21 rings, various diameters, suitable for up to 270 sheets (largest ring diameter 28 mm), – stable and long-lasting, – the document lies flat, but cannot be turned over (tie-bar at the rear), – spiral may be opened easily again on the binding machine, e.g. for amendments, – very suitable for shipment.


Wire binding: silver-coloured or black wiring, 23 rings, suitable for documents up to 300 sheets (largest ring diameter 32mm), – stable and professional, – document can be turned over 360°, suitable for copying – changes in the bound document are difficult since subsequent opening of the spiral is not possible.


Thermal binding: the black flax strip is bonded with the document as a spine in a single operation. Suitable for bindings up to 350 sheets – very fast binding – flat –  compact, suitable for shipment – is not as stable as plastic binding or wire binding – not suitable for copying, since the document is no longer entirely flat.


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